Changing lives through art, inspiring people to explore and shape their future together

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The arts-based social impact entrepeneur and performer with roots in Burundi. Here you will find a selection of arts projects designed and managed by Indonongo

Improving health, promoting inclusion and empowering people… HIV Stigmafigher is responsible for a rich portfolio with local and global impact!

“As a woman living with HIV, I dream of a world where people living with HIV are healthy citizens free from stigma. Fighting inequalities together, we can help them to achieve universal access to health services and empower them to express their needs, break taboos and create a HIV stigma free society”


Visit our flagship projects:

Arts-based change

Schools in Murira
Inyambo STARS

HIV activism

Stories of Hope
HIV medication exchange
HIV education for Batwa

“A winner is a dreamer who never gives up”


Indonongo is a registered arts-based social impact enterprise. We change lives through our passion for arts as ‘Indonongo’ and our activism as ‘HIV Stigmafigher’.

Arts-based change

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HIV activism