HIV Medication Exchange

The challenge

In Romania the health system is still broken for PLWHIV as they are struggling to access life-saving HIV medication. In many other countries we destroy good, unused medication that is not yet expired. How can we help PLWHIV in Romania with this unused life-saving medication?

Our solution

We mobilise PLWHIV across Europe to send us unused medication that is not yet expired. We prepare and send it to our partner Sens Positiv who distribute the medication amongst PLWHIV in Romania. We also urge pharmacies and policy-makers to stop wasting life-saving HIV medication.

Our impact

  • We help to improve the lives of many people living in Romania that are desperately in need of HIV medication currently not provided by their health services
  • We avoid the wasting of thousands of euros of perfectly good medication by the health system every year
  • We put the issue of re-purposing life-saving (HIV) medication on the policy-makers’ agenda

Help us to do more

With your help we already achieved a lot:

  • Over 10 shipments of medication supplied to Romania since 2018
  • At least 20 PLWHIV have benefitted from the medication
  • >48,000 euros worth of medication saved from destruction

We want to do more!

Interested to read more about this project? Download a one page summary: