Inyambo STARS

The challenge

Growing up as a young person in post-conflict Burundi is tough. As social structures and services have eroded during the war, there is not much for them to do in their community. This makes young people an easy target to be drawn towards crime, drugs or prostitution. Whilst luckily many young people will not succumb to this, they lack the opportunity to connect and develop themselves through organized activities in their community. How can we support young people in Burundi to self-organize to improve their talents and bring positive change to their lives and their communities?

Our solution

In 2021 we brought together a group of young fashionistas, designers and creative minds in the community of Gihanga in Burundi. This group became Inyambo STARS… Since then, we help them to grow and become a local association where young people, aged 10 to 25 years, are able to develop and demonstrate their talents while doing good for their community. Our dream is for Inyambo STARS to inspire young people in other communities in Burundi to also self-organize in talent development and help to positively change Burundi.

Our impact

  • We help to improve the lives of young people in Burundi by supporting them to self-organize and develop their skills and talents
  • Improve communication between young people and community members qIncreased cultural activities and events in Gihanga
  • More engagement with other young talents and artists in Burundi

Help us to do more

With your help we already achieved a lot:

  • Over 35 young people already benefitted from Inyambo STARS membership
  • 26 young people actively engaged in talent development in Gihanga
  • Three fashion/ design events organized for over 1,650 people in Burundi
  • Community campaigns organized on societal issues, e.g. community cohesion, HIV/ AIDS

We want to do more!

Interested to read more about this project? Download a one page summary: